Betty Boop - The Ultimate Collection (2 DVDs)

Mit Betty Boop

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Betty Boop - The Ultimate Collection (2 DVDs) - Betty Boop
25 Classic Cartoons
Betty, Boop-oop-a-doooped her way to the silver screen in the Max Fleischer short " Dizzy Dishes" on August 8th, 1930. Since then, she's been captivating audiences for over 70 years with her innocent eyes, bodacious body, and carvaceous hips. But she didn't start out as the bubbly bombshell that we know and love today. In fact, at the start of her career, B E T T Y W A S A D O G. Yes, you, read it right - a dog! It was only after appearance in several Fleischer cartoons that she eventually shed her canine ears in 1932's " Any Rags" and assumed a human shape, and what a shape! With her ample curves and trademark sultry sway, Betty characterized a sexuality common to the depression era when anything was used to attract a paying audience. Oftentimes, the occational breeze would be known to lift Betty's tiny dress or accientially force her top off, much to the shock of viewers. And it wasn't just the audience that found itself mesmerized by Betty. Everything and everyone in the Fleischer cartoons fell to her. Lecherous ringmasters, boorish bosses, and a whole myriad of male cartoons attempted to get close to " The Boop". But as the years passed and the social climate changed, Betty's sexy look faded and gave way to a more toned-dawn, of mit less exciting, experience. But today, in no matter what form she comes, Betty is and will always be an animation classic. Experience the thrill and joy Betty brings to the screen with this special collection of her greatest moments (presented in chronological order) and prepare to join the millions who've fallen for her charms.

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