Led Zeppelin [Collector's Edition] [2 DVDs]

Mit Led Zeppelin

Ausgabe vom 5. Mai 2008
Box-Set, Sammlerausgabe, NTSC
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Herausgeber: Soulfood Music Distribution / DVD
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Led Zeppelin [Collector's Edition] [2 DVDs] - Led Zeppelin
" Led Zeppelin - Reflections"
There are no harsher critics of Led Zeppelin's work than the group themselves. This unique book and film review draws on rare documentary footage of Led Zeppelin in performance and on tour in Australia during 1972 alongside the candid reflections of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham from television and radio archives around the world.
We also hear the first hand accounts of insiders from the Zeppelin camp including the band's publicist B P Fallon and bodyguard Michael Francis who help strip away the layers of sensationalism and half truths and produce the ultimate critical review of Led Zeppelin drawn extensively from the band's own views expressed to the media including journalist Steven Rosen who accompanied Led Zeppelin aboard the famous Starship airliner during the 1977 U S Tour.
The 72-page book features extensive reflections by Rosen on life inside the Zeppelin touring machine and features the complete transcripts of his 1977 interviews with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones.
This totally independent film and book review was made with complete editorial freedom. The recollections expressed have not been censored or reviewed by the interviewees making this the ultimate hard hitting independent review on film and in print of the career of Led Zeppelin from the inside in the words of those who really matter: the musicians themselves.
Also featured is rare documentary footage of Led Zeppelin on the road during 1972 when the band were arguably at their absolute peak promoting the legendary fourth album.
Laufzeit: 52 Minuten
" Led Zeppelin - Rock Review"
Presented by rock legend Tommy Vance this is the ultimate critical retrospective of the band hailed by many as the greatest rock 'n' roll band in history.
Every single Zeppelin album is revisited and reassessed. The film also draws on surviving interviews with the band, rare concert film and live radio broadcasts of Zeppelin in concert in order to discover the secrets behind the music of this legendary band both on and off stage. Featured here are vintage moments such as Zeppelin's impromptu performance of Eddie Cochrane's " Let's Have A Party" before 30. 000 delighted fans.
Veteran journalist Chris Welch heads a team of distinguished journalists in this dynamic critical retrospective of the mighty Led Zeppelin. Hard-hitting and totally uncensored, this film is a completely independent production. The producers retained full editorial control at all times during its making. The film is not influenced associated or authorised in any way by the goup Led Zeppelin or its management, making this is the most frank, honest and searching review of the work of Led Zeppelin ever released.
Laufzeit: 66 Minuten
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